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I like Text Me in the Morning. Do you think social media improves relationships or makes them harder? #PopPsychology
@SEATFILLER - 4 years ago
Does Tyler know he still has women in LUST with him? Me, being one of them. My crush cannot just go away! #PopPsychology
@NEONBEAVER - 4 years ago
Is it possible to alleviate loneliness with psychotherapy? #PopPsychology
@LALOLALO - 4 years ago
What advice would you give others struggling with something difficult in their life? #PopPsychology #PopPsychology
@THESARAHEVANS - 4 years ago
Whats the difference between inspiration and creativity and are they both ego driven? #PopPsychology
@CMARYT - 4 years ago
Why is there a different second verse for ILYBIHYF in the book? Any plans to record/perform that version? #PopPsychology
@ATOMIC_POPPY - 4 years ago
Why do we make decisions based on feelings when we know the decisions are wrong or not good for us? #PopPsychology
@GDGLUVER - 4 years ago
Why Tyler looks like Ken? :3 Iminlove #cometoMéxicoplease #PopPsychology
@BELIEVEINURSINS - 4 years ago
Didnt Elaine wear a dress like this? http://tinyurl.com/4wbe7df #PopPsychology
@INDIEMUSICFAN2 - 4 years ago
What about a #PopPshycologyTour in South America? Maybe México is the next stop :D #PopPsychology
@NEONTREESMX - 4 years ago